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It’s Not Camping Without Good Coffee

If you are like me, you love a great cup of coffee when you are in the outdoors. I once thought that the camping experience wasn’t complete without the smell of fresh brewed coffee over the fire. But like several other things in my life, I’ve upgraded my taste and technology. Last year I had the pleasure of purchasing my first Keurig Single-Cup brewing system and I’m definitely hooked. Because I am the only one in my family that drinks coffee, it’s a great way for me to be resourceful and experience the many different types of coffee and teas from around the world.

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Joining the Family

This just keeps getting better and better. We here at are very pleased to announce that we have been accepted into the
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Unique Christmas Gift for the Gun Enthusiast

Great Gift Idea

Are you guys like me and find it becoming more difficult to find something “different” as a Christmas gift for friends or family members? I know my family typically refers to me as “Scrooge”. I promise it’s not because I do not like Christmas, I do. It’s just that during this time of the year, my life becomes very difficult. Why, because I can never find the “right” gift for my loved ones. I go through the typical gifts that everyone gets every year and think “I don’t want to give that”. I really want someone to look at a gift they receive as something different and meaningful. Not to receive recognition, but to be different. Ask anyone who knows me and I really do like being different. I know that sounds crazy but I just don’t do the “status quo”.

Anyway, I believe the 9mm Valve Stem Caps that we have listed on eBay is that “different” gift. And to top it of, my business partner and I assemble these ourselves so to me, that makes them even better. I know, I’m bias, but these are not made in volume in some manufacturing plant. These are hand-made, or at least hand assembled, by us. They are not something you will see just anywhere and they will be a sure conversation piece.

So if you are looking for something “different” for the hunter or gun enthusiast in your circle of influence, please try these to see if you get a big WOW from them.


Hi Guys! Hope everyone is having a great day. We here at are super excited about a new member company we have just teamed up

If you are anything like us, we love golf but are true amateurs at it and are excited when we find the products we use.

So how does this fit in with you ask? Within the product line you will notice Range Finders, GPS and Sunglasses. All of these products fit into our theme of SportsmansEyes. Top brands such as Callaway, Bushnell, Leupold, Oakley and many, many more.

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What is out there in the dark? Night vision scopes tell all.

How many of you have sat around a campfire when all of a sudden you hear something but can’t see it in the dark?  What was the first thing you did?  Did you grab your flashlight or turn on the ultra powered spotlight to see what was there?  I have been in this situation more than once and I can tell you, when you are in the middle of nowhere it can be a little un-nerving!

A few hunting trips ago, some friends and I were camped way back in the woods with no sight of other humans for miles.  Ah, peace and quiet, a true escape from the daily stress of the city and work.  Well, one night while sitting around the famous “roaring” campfire one friend of mine and I were exchanging stories when all of a sudden we heard what sounded like a pack of wolves surrounding us.  Let me tell you, it was very unsettling.  Because of the cloud cover, we had no way of seeing past the few feet of light being put off by the fire.  Sounds were all around us.  Were we going to be eaten alive!   We did the only “manly” thing to do; we both grabbed our guns and sat back to back looking for something we couldn’t see.  Now had we been as experienced as we are now, we would have just dawned our trusty night vision binoculars and gone searching for the beasts that were looking to make a meal of us.

I say this all in a little fun, even though the event was very real at the time.  Night vision goggles or scopes are a wonderful tool for the avid outdoors-man.  We all know they are indispensable items for the military and law enforcement and typically haven’t thought about adding them to our hunting gear.  However, night vision scopes add a complete new twist to the true outdoor adventure.  In the years past, we would grab a flashlight and immediately start trying to chase what we couldn’t see.  The problem is, by the time we got to the where the sound was coming from, the wildlife was long gone and all we could do was make up stories to tell our buddies.

The use of night vision by hunters and campers isn’t just to see what lurks in the shadows outside our tents or campfire.  Hunters can use night vision scopes or goggles to find their way to a tree stand before daybreak to keep from tripping or making a lot of noise by breaking limbs they can’t see.  You can also use them coming out of the stand after dusk so you can keep the area undisturbed for the next morning.

Campers can use the night vision optics to follow a safe path when nature calls in the middle of the night.  You never know what you will find at night when the urge calls, especially in a half-dazed sleep walk.

The next time you are camping, whether it is a hunting trip, scouting adventure or just an opportunity to get away from it all, try taking along a great pair of night vision binoculars or goggles and see what adventure you can come up with when the night animals start to stir.  It really is a new dimension in camping that I know you will talk about for years to come.